I love hearing how yoga makes people feel. Here are some of my favourite recent comments from students:

“…it’s like giving yourself a hug”
“Oooh, I feel all whirry!”
“This is my own little haven”
“I feel like a feather!”

Sometimes students tell me how it’s helping them off the mat too, for instance: “I’ve been applying some of the mindfulness at work and it’s really helping” and “It’s been quite stressful preparing for an interview but the yoga is really helping me stay calm”.

Please see below for some full testimonials.

Image of Steph Cheesman performing a Yoga asana outdoors in Bristol

Steph’s individual classes leave you feeling amazing. You go into a totally different headspace. Relaxed and floaty because of her calm, peaceful approach, but also boosted and invigorated because of what her brilliant teaching has enabled you to achieve that session.

I have tried a lot of different yoga classes and I have never come across a teacher who is as warm and approachable as Steph. Especially as a beginner, these were the sorts of qualities I was looking for. Her quiet, calm manner helps everyone feel comfortable, regardless of what level you are working at.


Steph is a natural teacher with a gift for making yoga accessible to people of all abilities. In my private session she helped me flow in and out of ‘restful’ poses I was finding hard to reach and enjoy during classes.


Steph is knowledgeable and sensitive to individual need. Her approach is very responsive; always grounding whilst also energising and restorative. I highly recommend her as a teacher.